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Ignite Creativity in Bringing Revolutionary Ideas to Life.

Reduce development costs, boost efficiency, and get winning products to market faster with our generative design solutions and expert guidance.

Packaging Made Better

In partnership with HP, Inc, we've revolutionized plastic-free packaging by leveraging an end-to-end automation pipeline and generative 3D modeling to greatly reduce production time, waste, and advance innovation in circular design and production. 

The Modern Shave Experience

Working with Harry's, we've crafted unique grip textures for men's shaving equipment that are both functionally performant and visually distinct.

Consumer Product Creation Made Faster & Smarter: Launch Winning Products in Half the Time with Game-Changing Generative Design

Launch products, services, & experiences that defy conventions and disrupt markets.

Craft measurable, impactful strategies that leverage unique technological advantages.

Cultivate capabilities that empower your workforce and organization to thrive.

Revolutionize Your CPG Product Creation with Tailored AI Apps and Automation Subscriptions

Disruptive Design Meets Elevated Performance

Through our partnership with Nike, we have developed computational modeling methods that transform athlete data into performance features for cross-category products, redefining the future of footwear.

A Precision Fit For Every Face

In collaboration with Smith Optics, we've pioneered the world's first custom-fit snow goggles by leveraging our advanced scan-to-fit 3D pipeline. Unmatched personalized comfort and performance, sustainably made for every individual. 

Select Innovations


The power of AI lies not only in automating human tasks but also in augmenting them to build a better future.

Enhancing Collaboration with AI

Explore the latest advancements in NLP, how they've improved machine understanding of human language, and their applications in various industries.

The Evolution of Natural Language Understanding 

Imagine a world where AI isn’t a competitor but a collaborator. At Mode Lab, we're designing the future with AI.

Unleashing Human Potential

Trusted by Leaders: Explore Our Valued Partnerships

At Mode Lab, we don't just build advanced technology, we co-create product futures. We're your full-stack innovation partner, unlocking groundbreaking product innovation for consumer packaged goods businesses. Join the future-forward movement. Let's innovate differently, together.

Recent News

Smith Launches Squad & Squad XL Imprint 3D Goggles

Smith Optics has launched the Squad & Squad XL snow goggles custom made to order using the latest Imprint 3D technology.

Ronnie Parsons Moderates Digital Design for Footwear Panel

Ronnie Parsons moderates a panel on the topic of digital design for product creation and manufacturing at the Footwearology Tech event in Portland, as part of the NW Materials Show.

Mode Lab Presents at SIGGRAPH '23

Evan Greenberg and Ronnie Parsons discuss the development of a scalable metamaterials pipeline in Houdini that accelerates the design, development, and analysis of architected metamaterials for advanced product design applications, from foam replacements to lightweight porous structures.

Ronnie Parsons Presents at CDFAM 2023

Ronnie Parsons presents at the Computational Design for Additive Manufacturing symposium in New York.

Harry's Launches Pride Shave Sets

Harry's has launched Pride shaving sets for Winston and Craft razors.

Smith Wins Times 2022 Best Invention Award

Smith Optics wins a Times Magazine Best Inventions of 2022 for the I/O Mag Imprint 3D Snow Goggle

HP Wins Gold LEAP Award

HP has won a Gold LEAP (Leadership in Engineering Achievement Program) award for its Molded Fiber Advanced Tooling Solution.

Nike's NYC House of Innovation Opens

With a name like “House of Innovation 000,” Nike NYC is a call to an origin, a center point for what a flagship store can be for its city. The sheer size of the building proves its power: the six stories (including a below-street-level floor) cover more than 68,000 square feet on the corner of Fifth Avenue and 52nd Street.

Nike Unveils 2016 Rio Olympics Innovations

Nike has also unveiled a new spiked shoe for Jamaican runner Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce, the Nike Zoom Superfly Elite.

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