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"Who knew ski goggles could be so nice!!Absolutely fantastic goggles. Easy phone app to scan your face. Then send in and voila, new form fitting goggles in less than two weeks. Love em. Bought the Smith helmet to go with them!!!"   Review by Joel T.
ski goggles

Smith Optics designs and innovates so their users can enjoy every moment outdoors. They reduce their impact by creating durable, repairable and upgradable products made from recycled and recyclable materials. Instead of adding excess features, they focus on the essentials to support lifelong experiences.

Mode Lab worked with Smith to develop Imprint 3D Technology. Based on a unique precision facial morphology scan that maps the unique terrain of the face, Smith uses cutting-edge 3D printing technology to create goggles with a made-to-order custom fit.

ski goggles
ski goggles

Design for additive manufacturing (DfAM) is the art, science and skill of designing for manufacturability using 3D printers.

Different from traditional manufacturing, this additive design process empowers designers and engineers to create more intricate shapes and customizable production parts while reducing weight and material consumption.

With the Smith App and 3D printing technology, a one-of-a-kind frame is generated, engineered and printed based on unique facial features.

ski goggles
ski goggles

These goggles reduce the discomfort and fatigue that arise from poor fit, increase ventilation and maximize field of vision (and balance and confidence). Custom-fit snow goggles are printed on demand, integrating existing lenses and straps for a two-week product delivery, from face scan to unboxing.

This product, the first of its kind, was a 2021 Innovations of the year award winner in Gear Patrol. The technology and process are a far more sustainable solution that will reduce waste and can enable future line extensions to do the same.

ski goggles
ski goggles
ski goggles

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Our foundational design ethics reflect our approach to doing the right thing. Our foundational design ethics reflect our approach to doing the right thing.

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