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Advanced Tooling
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"I am proud and excited to be involved in this breakthrough technology. My IMFA goals of promoting this technology of producing environmentally sustainable products are exactly represented with HP's advanced tooling solutions. I consider it a great leap forward for the entire global molded fiber industry." Joe Gryngy

For sustainability reasons, HP packaging is transitioning from foam/plastic to molded fiber packaging. Molded fiber, a worldwide industry valued at $8 billion, is the fastest-growing segment in the packaging market due to growing consumer demand for sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging solutions and the increase in take-out food and e-commerce. Leading this growth is environmental packaging, which replaces foam with paper.

HP came to Mode Lab to help create a faster, more efficient and more precise paper molded product. Traditional paper molding tools are slow, inefficient and wasteful. The antiquated skill required to make molding tools must be handed down, and the complexity of pulped products now exceeds the limits of traditional molding tools.

hp tooling solution
hp tooling solution
advanced tooling solution

Using design for additive manufacturing and computationally enabled tools and processes, Mode Lab created a solution that significantly disrupted the industry. The first of its kind, it includes tooling customization, automation, and digital manufacturing (3D printing).

With the HP Molded Fiber Advanced Tooling Solution, manufacturers can expand tooling capabilities for greater production efficiencies, design opportunities and increase speed to market. HP’s end-to-end service enables additional profitability by combining proprietary tooling technology and engineering expertise to help cut lead times, reduce maintenance time and enable customized short runs.

advanced tooling solution
tooling solution

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Our foundational design ethics reflect our approach to doing the right thing. Our foundational design ethics reflect our approach to doing the right thing.

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