What if our bikes could sense?

Mode Lab
August 5, 2022

Urban Mobility & Sustainability

Sustainable urban mobility is an important and challenging issue of our time; it should be safe, efficient, fair, just, accessible, and equitable for all. Human-powered transportation options, in particular, are the most sustainable modes of urban commuting and are also the best for us. Cycling is a highly sustainable mode of transportation throughout the city, from short rides to the supermarket to medium-distance commuting to work, and longer weekend rides for exercise and recreation. It is particularly beneficial for physical, social, and mental health, it is environmentally friendly, and socially sustainable.

Cities across the US are beginning to invest in cycling infrastructure which is leading to an increased rate of growth in cycling generally. While better bicycle infrastructure has improved cyclist safety as well, the US continues to have the highest cyclist death rate, while also having one of the lowest distances cycled per person per year.

The benefits of increased cycling to cities, as well as to the people who inhabit them, are clear. At the same time, bicycle safety is crucial to the increased adoption and growth of cycling, and as long as riders feel unsafe on bicycles, they ultimately will not ride. What if our bikes could sense the environment, providing a safer, and more enjoyable ride?

How might we increase comfort and safety on the bicycle to improve the overall experience of cycling, ultimately encouraging more ridership?

Mining Creativity

Our team searched far and wide, exploring and experimenting with the possibilities of cycling as a safe and joyful mode of urban mobility, where our bikes communicate with the world around us.

Deployable Life Support:

‍A safe, instantaneous, integrated crashpad‍

Mission Control:

An enhanced ride through sensing and dashboard monitoring

Soft Skeletal:

A multi-material performance-textured comfortable ride

Comfort Zone:

A refreshed, energized, and joyful experience

Gel-Pop: Going on a Joyride

Integrating environmental sensing and high-functioning ergonomics with vibrant colors and a clean aesthetic into our bicycle grips can provide a comfortable ride and urban refuge. We can ride more often, and for longer distances, knowing that our bikes are enabling a fun and safe ride through the city.

Augmenting Our Creativity

Data: McKinsey Sustainability, UN Sustainability Goals, Deloitte Insights, TNMT

Tech Stack: Houdini, Midjourney, Miro, Jira, Confluence, Slack