Tackling the Design Crisis

Mode Lab
March 21, 2023

Today's Design Crisis

During the early period of design computing throughout the 1960s, a Software Crisis emerged leading to numerous poor quality software projects that ran over budget and over schedule. The Crisis arose primarily due to the combined factors of increasing complexity, challenges, demand, and computing power, along with stagnant and outdated methods and tools to build software. The pace of this increase in complexity was so rapid in fact that the overall approach to software development was simply outpaced and quickly became obsolete. Sound familiar?

Take a look around and observe the state of the world of Design and product creation. We are currently in the midst of a Design Crisis that is emerging due to extraordinarily similar circumstances that occurred in the 1960s. The pace of technology, the development of new tools available to both designers and manufacturers, the suites of siloed software platforms, file types, extensions, (extensions for extensions...) are simply untenable. Simultaneously, the challenges of our world are growing in complexity. Supply chain, consumer demand, economic volatility, ecological issues, and more have created a tumultuous environment in which to bring a product to market.

Put simply, the world of design and production is getting more complex, the challenges harder, and computing capabilities continue to grow; but the methods and strategies around design have remained fundamentally unchanged since the dawn of the digital age. Industry 4.0 has spawned many new technologies and capabilities; however, the way we design products does not yet capitalize on them. Meanwhile, the ROI of design is tipping in the wrong direction, and the rogue wave of the Design Crisis is near. It is time for a fundamentally new approach to product creation, one that is far greater than simply a small improvement in efficiency or output, and one that fully capitalizes on the current technologies of our time.

Computational Design for Advanced Product Creation

At Mode Lab, we are pioneering this new approach to product creation. This approach can accommodate the everchanging ecosystem of design infrastructure, it is resilient against the growing complexities of our world, and it maximizes the ROI of your organization’s designs. Our approach lies at the confluence of Computational Design and Advanced Product Creation in order to deliver synchronous design and production, on-demand, and at scale, enabling first-of-its kind, hyper-personalized products with greater speed and efficiency versus conventional processes. By leveraging an open framework and data model, we streamline the development process and foster innovation across various industries, while connecting design and consumer data throughout a digital pipeline and into the factory of the future.

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