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Generative AI Training to Supercharge Your Organization

Build the skills needed to take your product development capabilities to the next level.


Two Decades at the Edge of Innovation

Generative AI marks one of the most significant technological shifts in history. How can design leaders leverage this opportunity as a force for good that endures beyond the hype cycle ends?

At Mode Lab, we harness our deep understanding of systems thinking and the science of learning to craft distinctive experiences that resonate with today's dynamic business landscape. We offer you a valuable opportunity to strengthen your Generative AI capabilities by engaging in practical exercises and structured, collaborative applications of new concepts. 


Our learning and development experiences purposely challenge traditional assumptions and instigate innovative working techniques. Your guides on this journey will be esteemed practitioners who utilize these methodologies daily, and are passionate about sharing their knowledge.

Generative AI Courses

Generative AI Foundations for Business Leaders

Understand the tools and strategies needed to kickstart your organization’s Generative AI journey.

Generative AI Foundations for Product Innovators

Become your team's AI champion with cutting-edge approaches to using ChatGPT, Midjourney, and Stable Diffusion.

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